'Firewatch' comes to Xbox One on September 21st with bonus modes

The Audio Tour and free roam mode will come to the Microsoft console first.

Campo Santo's wilderness mystery Firewatch became an instant indie classic when it was released back in February, but only on PC and PS4. The San Francisco-based studio is fixing that gap in its game's playerbase with an Xbox One launch on September 21st and throwing in a few extras to boot.

For their wait, Xbox devotees will get a complete Audio Tour included with the game, which the studio describes as a Director Commentary-cum-Game Dev Workshop-cum scavenger hunt. Sometime down the line they will also get a free-range mode for gamers to explore the full wilderness without any pesky story getting in the way, which the developers say hides a few secrets. While both of those bonuses will eventually be available on all platforms, they'll be released for players on the Microsoft console first.