Seth Rogen's sci-fi comedy 'Future Man' is Hulu-bound

Rogen's new series is set to premiere on the streaming service in 2017.

Updated ·1 min read

Seth Rogen is working on a new comedy series called Future Man, which has just been picked up for broadcast on Hulu.

The show, which Rogen is working on alongside Evan Goldberg, follows a janitor (Josh Hutcherson) who just happens to be a gamer by night (of course, let's portray someone who enjoys games as a "loser," how original). When he's visited by otherworldly beings, he's asked to travel through time to prevent humanity's extinction. Same old song and dance we've heard several times over, especially in countless anime and comic series.

The show is being produced by James Weaver and will span 13 episodes, premiering in 2017. The show itself doesn't exactly sound inspired, but given Rogen's excellent work on Preacher for AMC, it could be a surprise hit.