Raise some Hell on your commute with the 'Doom' soundtrack

Left-hand fingers crossed that a collectible physical release is up next.

In case you wanted to listen to the crushing beats and guitar riffs of Doom's soundtrack during your daily trip to work or school, now's your chance. Composer Mick Gordon's industrial-metal score is available to purchase and stream from Google Play, iTunes and Spotify. A tweet from Gordon outlines what's available in the digital version: 31 tracks with new mixes spanning a 128 minute runtime. And at least a few pentagrams and numbers of the beast if you run it through a spectrogram.

It isn't the Trent Reznor score we were promised for Doom 3, but it's probably as close as we'll ever get. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. There isn't a physical release (yet) but given the popularity of those it probably isn't too far off. Don't have $10 to spare for the download? Well, there's always YouTube.