Voice actors will picket WB Games on November 3rd

It's the latest in a string of attempts to get better payment from game studios.

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Glen Bowman, Flickr
Glen Bowman, Flickr

Striking video game voice actors are determined to keep up the pressure on developers. In the wake of a picketing campaign against Electronic Arts last week, the SAG-AFTRA union is calling on actors and supporters to picket WB Games on November 3rd. This action by itself probably won't get WB and other targeted studios to change their ways, but it stresses that actors aren't backing down on calls for better pay, particularly for strenuous voice recordings or popular titles.

The game studios themselves aren't shying away from their own publicity tactics. They recently launched a website insisting that SAG-AFTRA didn't tell actors about the negotiating terms before it broke off talks and called for a strike. The page also contends that its terms are "so close" to what actors want that actors likely wouldn't have wanted to strike themselves. We suspect the union would beg to differ, though -- it even says the studios' website is using the SAG-AFTRA name without permission. The odds are that this war of words won't end until one side or the other is willing to make concessions and break the deadlock.

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