Amazon Prime discounted to £59 for 'The Grand Tour' launch

You can't watch Clarkson and co. without it.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Amazon Prime Video

Good news: The Grand Tour, Amazon's answer to Top Gear, is now only three days away from release. The bad news is that you'll need a Prime subscription to watch it. Amazon knows this, so it's sweetening the deal by slashing £20 off the price of its annual subscription for anyone who has yet to sign up.

Between now and November 18th, when the first weekly episode of The Grand Tour debuts, Amazon Prime will cost £59. That brings it down to roughly £5 per month. It's not the first time Amazon has done it -- the company quickly reduced the price shortly after confirming the name of its new motoring show in May -- but it'll likely be enough to tempt fans of Clarkson and co., who may have never previously considered a subscription, into jumping aboard the Prime bandwagon.

Since signing the former Top Gear team, Amazon has put Jeremy Clarkson to work. He's now the face of adverts for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and recently became the voice (alongside Hammond and May) of a particularly annoying alarm notification for Amazon's Echo speaker. You can probably expect more TV spots as the show's launch draws nearer.

Even if you're not a motoring fan, Amazon's Prime discount is still good value. Black Friday is approaching, meaning you can make use of the "free" next-day delivery, but the membership also provides access to music streaming and thousands of other TV shows and movies.