GDC will host its own video game art gallery next year

Art Boss is a collaboration between the event and iam8bit, the company responsible for all those game soundtracks on vinyl.

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Bungie/Activision (Concept art from 'Destiny')
Bungie/Activision (Concept art from 'Destiny')

E3 has the Into the Pixel art gallery for video game concept art, and now the annual Game Developers Conference is trying its hand at one. Called "Art Boss," it's a collaboration with the folks at iam8bit and will feature not just concept art (a la Into the Pixel), but production art, in-game stuff like textures and even promo materials. Another way this differs from Into the Pixel is that each artist will have a headshot and a bio alongside their submitted work -- the E3 gallery typically just lists the artist's name, game a piece came from and the studio responsible. Further on the artist-forward note, there isn't an entry fee for submitting a piece, either.

More than that, iam8bit says it's creating a permanent digital and physical archive for the featured works. As for the latter, you'll very likely be able to catch a glimpse at the outfit's locations in Los Angeles and London. Given iam8bit's reputation for highlighting truly gorgeous video-game-related art across a variety of mediums (giclee prints and vinyl records, for example) this sounds like a perfect match. The gallery will make its debut next February 27th at GDC in San Francisco.

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