'No Man's Sky' $150 edition comes with a model spaceship

And a ton of other merch to boot.

Sure, No Man's Sky finally has a price and release date, but can a game truly claim to have made it without its very own exorbitantly priced special edition? Presenting the No Man's Sky "Explorer's Edition," a limited-run (10,000) version of the game sold exclusively by iam8bit. In it you'll find a hand-painted cast metal space ship, an enamel pin, a "diorama display backdrop," and a "mystery item" with a $10 value. Oh, and a PC game code for Steam or GOG. The price for all this goodness? $149.99. That's pretty high, but iam8bit says the individual components are worth $210.

If toy space ships aren't your thing, there's a pretty wide selection of other merch, including a vinyl soundtrack ($35), an Atlas t-shirt ($23) and pin ($10), an art card set ($20), a poster ($25) and a collection of gilcée prints ($50-$65). iam8bit describes this collection as "the first wave" of merchandise, and it'll " introduce new products in a way that reacts to in-game dynamics and fan requests." If none of this interests you at all, then you can just mark June 21st off in your calendar and begin the countdown.