This weekend's MLS championship will be broadcast in VR

Catch Toronto FC versus the Seattle Sounders on mobile VR via the Fox Sports app.

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USA Today Sports / Reuters
USA Today Sports / Reuters

As virtual reality matures as a medium there are going to be fewer firsts for it. But for now, at least, we have news that for the first time, Major League Soccer will be broadcasting a championship game in VR. That match is none other than Saturday's battle between Toronto FC and the Seattle Sounders. How's a "virtual suite" rife with player rosters and live stats sound? Somehow, the developers managed to fit a model of an Audi car in it because, well, this is an Audi-sponsored broadcast. There's a "magic window" experience too, whatever that is.

Folks on iOS (it's also available on Android and Gear VR) have exclusive access to replays in VR where they can rewind 30 seconds at a time, as far back as 30 minutes. Even if you don't have a mobile VR headset though, you can still watch the game from five different camera angles. If this sounds like your type of party, grab the Fox Sports VR app from the links below.

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