The team behind 'That Dragon, Cancer' made a VR radio play

'Untethered' wants to make you laugh, not cry.

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The folks behind the heartrending, award-winning autobiographical game That Dragon, Cancer are back with a new project. Don't worry though, because it sounds like the polar opposite of that tragic tale. In the episodic virtual reality game Untethered (told you it was different), you play a talk radio DJ. Ands such, you can talk to other characters in the game by speaking aloud. What good would a DJ-starring game be without that ability, anyhow?

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A press release describes it as such: "The player can record commercials, interview callers, and try to piece together what is happening outside of the radio station, all while getting to know their lonely producer."

More than that, the development studio has worked with professional musicians Future Folk and Jill Sobule to populate the game with songs to find and broadcast to listeners in-game. Each episode has you playing a different protagonist, and from there your task is figuring out how everyone connects to each other. It all sounds a little like a quirky take on the indie-horror flick Pontypool, if you ask me.

The premiere installment is available today exclusively on Google's Daydream View mobile headset for $4.99.

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