Samsung's 'creative' CES ideas: Bluetooth toy tags and skin care

Last year's belt / fitness tracker eventually came to Kickstarter.

Last year, Samsung brought a boatload of projects from its Creative Lab to CES. C-Lab projects it considered for business opportunities included a motion controller, a smart belt and a smart band for watches. The WELT fitness tracking belt eventually landed on Kickstarter and is supposed to start shipping next month. So what potential startups will Samsung demonstrate in Las Vegas this year? Meet the Tag+ Bluetooth button, S-Skin skincare system and Lumini cosmetic device.

The Tag+ is a button that imagines connecting to toys and smartphone apps alike via Bluetooth LE. Kids can shake, long-press, tap or bump the tag to prompt responses from a connected app. The demo video isn't clear on why this is better than just an app by itself, but it does look like a cheap, standard way for adding connected features to kids toys ( ...about that).

The other two products appeal to our vanity, as the S-Skin setup teams a microneedle patch with a handheld analyzer, that obtains information about your skin (via physical contact) and your environment. It delivers all of that data to an app that recommends treatment, and tracks changes over time. Meanwhile, the Lumini takes the approach of analyzing skin condition with a photo to identify issues like pimples before they reach the surface.

There's no way to know which, if any, of these will become real products/businesses, but Samsung says that of last year's entries, five (including WELT) have successfully spun off.