LG's next headset is a wearable surround sound speaker, too

Please don't be an inconsiderate jerk and use it in public.

Sometimes you want to listen to music without having something in or on your ears. That's the desire LG hopes its new Tone Studio wearable speaker will address. The new horseshoe-shaped unit features two full range speakers up up and a pair of vibrating ones, a digital to analog converter and DTS 3D surround sound. If you're feeling generous, you can even pair two of the devices together and share audio from a single source.

Not into that? Then maybe the Tone Free might tempt you. The company says this model is the first wireless stereo unit that will charge the included wireless earbuds whenever they're stored in the neckband. There's still a charging cradle for the unit, of course. More than that, you can accept or dismiss calls with voice commands.

There are a few other models as well, with these and the Infinim and Ultra devices all being shown off at CES in a couple of weeks. Or, if you're not heading to the show, in a few months you'll most likely find them in your wireless store of choice where they'll be an upsell item with your next phone.