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Ringly is back with a vibrating, activity tracking bracelet

The jewelry will track your steps 'even in heels.'

Ringly, purveyors of vibrating jewelry, are at it again -- this time with a bangle bracelet. Unlike the company's ring, this will track your steps, figure out how far you've walked ("even in heels") and track your calories burned via a connected app, according to Racked. You can snag one of these absolutely not at all patronizing wearables for $195 now that pre-orders are open, with options for quartz, lapis, rainbow moonstone or labradorite stones. The Ringly website says that the first 1,000 pre-ordered rings will get a real diamond on the side where the notification light is. Shipping starts this summer.

The bracelet will pop notifications for Bumble, Slack, Snapchat, texts, Uber, and Ringly says hundreds more. The company also claims that the battery lasts between 24 and 48 hours and will charge in four. That's a hell of a variation in battery lifespan. Anyhow, if you're lusting after a new wearable that doesn't look like a wearable, then maybe this is your ticket.

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