If you like vibrating jewelry, put a Ringly on it

Remember HTC's Rhyme? That slightly patronizing "women first" smartphone came with hobbled specs and a charm indicator: an accessory that clipped to your purse strap and glowed if you received a call. Now, a former eBay designer has taken the same idea and jammed it into an enormous piece of costume jewelry called Ringly. Connecting over Bluetooth LE to your iOS or Android device, Ringly will vibrate to advise you of an incoming notification, as a side-mounted LED glows to reinforce the point. We polled our colleagues who fit the target demographic, and they weren't particularly whelmed, especially considering the price. Still, if you're interested in owning one, the pre-sale begins today, with the black, purple and white models available for $145. Fans of emerald-green, however, will have to stump up $180.