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Hitachi is rolling out a series of Roku TVs this fall

If you're looking for a TV with Roku integration, there will likely be some great choices here.

Roku TVs are a growing trend, with several manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon to bring the streaming service to their own televisions. Hitachi is the latest to join the club, planning on releasing both 1080p and 4K TVs in a "variety of screen sizes" starting this fall.

There aren't many other details than that at this juncture, other than the fact that Hitachi's Roku TVs will include the Roku streaming app built into the device and will likely be created with TV fans on a budget in mind.

If you're in the market for a Roku TV, however, Hitachi isn't your only bid. There are scads of options from Sharp, Insignia, TCL and Hisense, which can offer a decent picture at a lower price than the higher-end models, and in the end if you're looking for a model that you'll primarily be streaming on you'll be getting a pretty good bargain.

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