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Amazon Prime Day was 60 percent bigger than last year's sale

Unsurprisingly, a dizzying amount of transactions were made during the special sales day.

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Amazon's Prime Day ended up being more successful than even the company could have predicted, with customer orders surpassing Prime Day 2015 by over 60 percent worldwide and 50 percent in the United States alone.

The special sale day, which included various deals on Amazon-branded products like Kindles and Alexa-enabled home devices, saw Prime members flocking to the retail giant in droves. It quickly became the biggest day ever as far as Amazon devices went, breaking records left and right.

In all, Prime Day found over two millions toys and one million pairs of shoes purchased by consumers, 90,000 TVs purchased and hundreds of thousands of Kindle e-readers sold along with other impressive numbers. What's really impressive is the fact that these sales were able to go through considering the torrent of issues customers experienced during the sale, with checkout difficulties and other various headaches to worry about.

Still, the annual Prime Day was another success. It's likely we'll see another one next year looking at these numbers. Will you be participating?

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