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Facebook's Instant Articles are heading to its Messenger app

Quick-loading articles will replace some links that require a browser.
Billy Steele
07.14.16 in Internet

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Facebook's fast-loading news stories have been around for a while now, but soon they'll make their way to the company's standalone chat app. Instant Articles will son be available inside Messenger. When someone shares a link with you, a lightning bolt icon will let you know that it's available as one of the quick-to-load stories. This means you won't have to wait for it to appear like a regular ol' web article. There are ads inside the Instant Articles and those will make the trip over to Messenger as well.

Before now, links shared inside the Messenger app loaded up in a mobile browser. With the addition of Facebook's own articles, those items will appear up to 10 times faster and the communication application will offer the same reading experience as the full-on social app. Facebook says the stories will debut on Android today with iOS to follow "in the coming weeks."

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