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Nintendo's Classic Mini costs £50 in the UK

30 classic games, one cute little console.
Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
07.15.16 in AV

As if Pokémon Go wasn't playing havoc with our nostalgia receptors already, Nintendo yesterday announced the Classic Mini: A palm-sized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) clone complete with 30 preinstalled 8-bit titles. We know this future Christmas hit launches November 11th, but UK pricing wasn't immediately available. Several retailers have now opened up preorders, however, pegging the price at £50 (with savings of a few pence to be had here and there).

The likes of Amazon, GAME, Zavvi and a few lesser-known retailers are offering presales of the retro reboot, with a note on Nintendo's official store saying preorders will open there soon. An additional pad will set you back £8 at GAME or Zavvi -- you get one in the box -- though you can also use a Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro if you've got one lying around. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't create the lil' NES with future software sales in mind, so 30 games is all you're gonna get. With so many classics on board, though, you'll probably find enough to enjoy to consider it money well spent.

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