Nintendo won't offer additional games for the Classic Mini

What's in the box is all you'll get.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Bad news, Nintendo fans: The Classic Mini that was announced earlier today won't be able to play R.C. Pro-Am, Stadium Events, Little Nemo: The Dream Master or anything else beyond what's in the NES-themed box. Nor will it be able to connect to the internet to download additional games beyond the 30 that come packed with it, according to a report from Kotaku. Nintendo won't sell additional games for micro console, either, nor does the Chamber Lid (that's what it's called!) open for a nostalgia-fueled look-see. In that sense, this isn't much different than similar offerings from Sega and Atari.

Any disappointment you may be feeling is similar to what those of us with big feet who were left out in the cold by the recent Nintendo/Vans collaboration endured. If you're hoping for a possible mini version of a Super NES or Nintendo 64, the company's mum on that for now. We've reached out with additional questions, however, and will update this post if there's a response.

Update: Nintendo got back to us, and if you were hoping to hook your old Power Pad or R.O.B. the Robot into the Classic Mini we've got some bad news. "The new NES Classic Controller has a different connector than the original NES controllers and accessories, so they are not interchangeable," a spokesperson tells us. So much for that idea.