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Mix up 'Rocket League' action with Rumble Mode and item trading

The popular vehicular sports game is also now available on Linux / SteamOS and Mac.

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We're still waiting to see fully cross-platform Rocket League, but the game just made some other adjustments to keep things fresh for regular players. Dubbed Rumble Mode, the new 3v3 gameplay variant tosses in everything from a grappling hook to a tornado. Even better, more people can enjoy it now that the game has a beta version available on Linux and OS X, and at least on Steam, the game and all DLC are available for 25 percent off. One thing to note: Psyonix says it is aware of framerate issues post-patch and is "actively investigating."

Those are hardly the only changes included in the v1.22 patch (you may enjoy trading items with other players or saving car customizations that switch depending on what color team you're assigned), but you can see the full changelog here.

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