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Vimeo partners with Lionsgate to expand its on-demand library

'Orange is the New Black' and other shows will be available in 150 countries.

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Vimeo and Lionsgate have announced a partnership today to offer nearly 80 of the studio's TV shows for rental in over 150 countries. The roster includes Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Casual, Weeds, Nurse Jackie and others. The service will go live on October 18.

The TV shows will be available simultaneously in 150 countries but there's currently no word on pricing. Lionsgate also said that it would eventually start renting movies in the United States via Vimeo but didn't share a date on when that would happen.

By securing this deal with Lionsgate, Vimeo is expanding its rather limited library of on-demand titles. Vimeo is dwarfed by video streaming juggernaut YouTube. But, by offering high-quality shows in over 150 countries at once, it could gain some additional market traction.

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