Vimeo's On Demand store comes to Roku boxes

A new way to watch Vimeo originals like Darby Forever.

First and foremost, Vimeo is known as a portfolio site for professional and aspiring filmmakers. YouTube, meanwhile, is seen as the place to monetize online videos, given its huge viewership and support of pre-roll advertising. Vimeo has spent years trying to change its image, however, and prove it can also be a place for video makers to earn money. Part of that push has been Vimeo On Demand, an iTunes equivalent for creative and usually independent works. Starting today, it's available on Roku hardware, giving Vimeo and its users a larger potential audience.

In addition, Vimeo has updated its Roku channel with adaptive streaming, meaning video quality will be tailored automatically for your internet connection. It's also supporting the Roku 4 and adding activation codes, so you'll never have to sign in by pecking out your email and password. All of this means that if you own a Roku box, it should now be much easier to watch Vimeo originals like Darby Forever. Handy the next time you have people over and want to watch something that isn't House of Cards.