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'Hearthstone' shakes up how tournaments will work

Next year's big prize is over $2 million.

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Patrik Stollarz via Getty Images

Blizzard's Hearthstone has been a darling on the pro gaming circuit for awhile, and the card game's next season should cement its eSports focus even further. A big part of that is how its developer is organizing competitions, rankings and how tournament points are doled out. The company is also changing the types of tournaments offered.

Hearthstone Global Games are weekly team-based competitions comprised as follows: "Each team in the HGG will consist of the top Hearthstone Competitive Point earner from their country and three of their fellow community-voted countrypersons."

Meanwhile, the Hearthstone Inn-vitationals are more of a pick-up competition featuring streamers, tournament victors and "celebrities" who play.

In terms of payout, Hearthstone Championship Tour grand prize will be over $2 million next year while the World Championship has $1 million up for grabs, $250,000 for season championships. Playoffs for seasons will have "at least" $20,000 in prizes.

For the nitty gritty of how each style of tournament will change, head over to the source post.

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