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Tinder's Apple TV app gives you another way to swipe right

Put your phone down and pick up the remote.
Billy Steele
12.13.16 in Services

If you've ever thought that you'd rather browse Tinder profiles on your TV screen rather than swiping on your phone, you're in luck. The company now has an Apple TV app that will allow you to just that. Thanks to the set-top box and its touch-friendly remote, you can swipe right, left and up while browsing for perspective matches on the biggest screen in your house in HD.

Tinder offers the scenarios where you would want to use a dating app on your TV as being able to take a look when phones aren't allowed at the table or getting feedback from family. However, it's probably best to wait until they're not around to start looking for love, but what do I know. In addition to the swipe controls, Tinder Plus subscribers can also shake the Apple TV remote to rewind. If you're ready to get started, the app is available for the streaming device now from the App Store.

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