Tinder brings swipe judgement to your iMessage conversations

“Swipe right on the dress you think I should wear to my date tonight.”

Productivity apps have been trying to improve the hassle of group discussion for years, often by setting up basic "polls" that look more at home in enterprise software. But now you can spice up your queries with the interface everybody knows and loves: Tinder. The dating (and friend-finding) service is lending its swiping interface to iMessage users to better ask their friends photo-laden questions. Prepare to get your "hot or not" fix when picking dinner in your next group text.

But really, rolling images and choices together in a smooth interface is much easier than manually sending photo barrages spliced with context texts. It's the iMessage API dream made reality: Expanded functionality tucked into a little conversation bubble. Sure, other apps have taken a stab at this, but they lack Tinder's instant UI recognition. It's only a matter of time before the newly fertile field of iMessage augments flood the App Store, so it was smart of the dating/friending app to leverage its recognizability, especially to diversify somewhat into the productivity space. Just don't be surprised if asking your boss to get a new Tinder service to "improve team communication" ends up raising a few eyebrows.