Tinder Social is a new feature for finding friends to hang with

Need to find someone to hit up that concert with? Tinder Social has your back.

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Brittany Vincent
July 21, 2016 10:00 AM
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Tinder Social is a new feature for finding friends to hang with
You already meet potential love matches on Tinder. Why not use the app for making new friends to go and hang out with? That's what the company hopes you'll do with the launch of Tinder Social, a new feature that lets users create groups to make connections and hang out together.

Tinder Social came about after a test in Australia that proved a glut of the app's users have been looking for a feature to aid in planning out their night, their hangouts, and ways to meet new people for concerts and other friendly excursions aside from romantic encounters.

When using the feature, Tinder users can "unlock" Tinder Social to create a group of 1-3 friends with a sole focus, like attending a movie or hitting up a bar. The group access can be turned on or off at any time. When users swipe right on a group they like, the groups will combine and offer up a group chat for planning the event.

The feature is available in the US, UK and select other areas around the world. Need a group to go out Pokemon training with? This could become your go-to solution if you're a hardcore Tinder user. It's important to note, however, this isn't the first app to allow its users to find friends rather than lovers. Dating app Bumble is attempting the same thing with its BumbleBuzz feature.

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