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LG targets media pros and gamers with 4K HDR display

With USB-C support, it's also going after new MacBook Pro owners.

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With an onslaught of products coming at CES 2017 in January, LG has decided to pre-announce its latest 4K HDR monitor. Its 32-inch, IPS panel-equipped 32UD99 supports the HDR10 standard that delivers pro-level 10-bit (over a billion) colors and a wide color gamut covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 standard. The monitor should be ideal for new MacBook Pro owners, since Apple isn't making its own displays anymore. It supports 4K HDR with a single USB-C cable that can simultaneously charge your laptop and can also act as a USB hub. The company is also targeting color-sensitive gamers, saying it'll play well with new consoles that support HDR and or 4K, including the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S.

That said, the monitor is not really about sheer gaming performance. The True Color Pro settings, delivers "professional-grade picture quality" and "color reproduction accuracy unmatched in the industry," LG says. Depending on the price, it will be a tempting option for graphics artists, video editors and film post-production color-grading experts.

LG also has the 34UC99, a 34-inch model with AMD FreeSync tech that eliminators judder and tearing, 1ms refresh times, dynamic action sync, and other gaming-oriented features. We'll get a better look at both models in January, and hopefully learn the prices -- if it's low enough, the 32-inch model could sway a lot of folks looking for accurate color reproduction.

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