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DJI gives its Osmo Mobile stabilizer a fresh silver look

Same price, different vibes.

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DJI's Osmo Mobile is still a relatively new product, considering it was only announced toward the end of last year. Even so, everyone (or everything, in this case) deserves a fresh look, and that's exactly what DJI is doing with its smartphone stabilizer. Here at CES the company is showing off a silver model (with white accents), which will be available later this month. Other than the different color, though, nothing else has changed compared to the original -- and that includes the $299 price.

In addition, DJI has added a Studio Mode to the Osmo Mobile's companion app, DJI Go. These features are designed to give your selfies a boost by smoothing out your skin tone and making your face look smaller or thinner. Yup, just what we needed. Studio Mode worked as intended for the few minutes I tried it, so you may want to think about that if you care enough to make your selfie game strong(er?).

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