Samsung will unveil something at MWC on February 26th

But it won't be the Galaxy S8.

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Richard Lawler
January 31, 2017 7:56 PM
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Samsung will unveil something at MWC on February 26th

Samsung just sent out its invites for the Mobile World Congress 2017, however, unlike previous years, the big news is what won't be there. As a knock-on effect of the whole Galaxy Note 7 mess, its introduction of the flagship Galaxy S8 is delayed from its usual February reveal to (likely) March. Still, Samsung has a show to put on and sent out this curious image to pique our interest.

We're not sure what it shows, and your guess probably hinges on whether you think the mark in the center is a home button or a USB-C port. Of course, this being the "Mobile" event, and considering the devices already ruled out, it could be some new (albeit oddly-shaped) Galaxy Tab. Whatever it is, you have a month to get your guesses in.

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