Super Bowl LI commercials were heavy on tech and politics

While some companies merely promoted products, others had a more political message.


For people who don't care about football, watching the Super Bowl is mostly about enjoying the overhyped commercials that happen during the event. (That and the half-time show.) Naturally, tech companies see this as an opportunity to connect with mainstream audiences, leading them to spend millions of dollars on cheesy ads. A good example of that is T-Mobile's Super Bowl LI spot featuring Justin Bieber, in which he promotes the carrier's unlimited plans by showing off his "#UnlimitedMoves." Yup, we know.

Still, that's not to say all commercials are bad. Airbnb, for instance, had one called "We Accept" that focused on diversity -- in what was seemingly a subtle dig at President Donald Trump. And let's not forget Netflix's teaser for season two of Stranger Things or Amazon flashing its Prime Air drone deliveries. There were more than that, though. We've put together a roundup of all the tech-oriented ads created for Super Bowl LI.