Logitech's 4K webcam will make your chats more cinematic

The Brio is equipped with HDR, a 5X zoom and infrared "Hello" facial recognition.

Updated ·2 min read

If you've got a stylist, makeup artist and really fast internet connection, you're ready for Logitech's 4K Pro Brio webcam. It not only comes with high-resolution 4K at 30 fps (4,096 x 2,160), but also HDR, a 5X digital zoom and infrared facial detection tech that works with Windows Hello logins. We're not sure about Logitech's claim that it's the first 4K webcam, but it's certainly one of the best -- and it should be, for $200.

Streaming 4K video requires at least a 25-35 Mbps connection, so you'll likely need at least that (on the upload side) if you want to transmit your face over video chats. Another big issue is that Skype, Google Hangouts and other popular chat apps support a maximum 1080p video, and let's not even talk about the computing horsepower required for two-way, 4K HDR chat.

Where it could shine right away, however, is for live streaming. YouTube now supports 4K (it recently broadcast the 2016 Game Awards in that format), beating rival Twitch to the punch. And while it's pricey for a webcam, Logitech's Brio is a lot cheaper 4K livestreaming option than most video cameras.

Resolution and bandwidth aside, you do get a lot of features. The BestLight 3 HDR engine ensures that there's plenty of light on your face, even in backlit conditions that would normally render you shady. And the 5X zoom option at 1080p, between 65 and 90 degrees, will ensure folks don't see every pore on your face. Finally, the built-in infrared sensor supports Microsoft Hello face recognition, making logins easier.

As mentioned, the Brio 4K webcam runs $200 in the US, £200 in the UK and €239 in Europe. It's now available on Logitech's website, Amazon or Logitech resellers in those regions.