Classic Hot Wheels cars are coming to 'Rocket League'

Two fan-favorite models will soon be playable in-game.

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It was announced a few days ago that real-life Rocket League toy cars are hitting shelves this spring. Now, the circle has been completed: Psyonix revealed this morning that it will introduce Hot Wheels to the Rocket League arena.

Beginning on February 21st, an update will allow users to purchase classic Hot Wheels models 'Twin Mill III' and 'Bone Shaker' as DLC. For $1.99 each, players get one of the cars along with exclusive wheels and six decals. Hot Wheels first introduced the Bone Shaker die-cast model in 2006, while Twin Mill III debuted in 2008 and is based on the original Twin Mill from 1969. Players who don't want to shell out for DLC can still deck out their car with some Hot Wheels swag thanks to random post-match drops.

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