Comcast's all-in-one Xfinity Stream app arrives February 28th

The TV software packs out-of-home viewing, DVR access and X1 features.

Say goodbye to the Xfinity TV app as you knew it... not that you'll necessarily mind. Comcast has unveiled a replacement mobile app, Xfinity Stream, that promises to cover just about everything you can do with your TV subscription. You'll have in-home control, out-of-home live streaming and remote DVR access, but you'll also get some of the features you're used to from your X1 set-top box, such as music channels, favorite channel filtering, Common Sense content ratings and a Spanish guide. You won't have to stay in the living room to get some of the nicer perks, in other words. The app reaches Android and iOS on February 28th.

The cable giant also tells Multichannel that Xfinity Stream will be the home for viewing its Stream TV service. Expect a rebranding, though -- Comcast wants to change the name to avoid confusion when the offering launches nationwide later in 2017. Whatever it's called, there's no doubt that the upcoming app will be a catch-all for Comcast's mobile video plans.