Untappd puts Foursquare-like beer recommendations front and center

The social drinking app also lets you get more detailed with your check-ins.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|02.16.17

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Untappd puts Foursquare-like beer recommendations front and center

The beer-focused app Untappd is a handy way to keep track of what you've tasted, what you liked and what your friends are drinking. This week, the suds social network completely redesigned its mobile software to add a bunch of new features. On top of a revamped UI, the app's directory of Foursquare-like events, venues and beer recommendations is now a central focus. Each time you fire up the app or go to check in a beer, you're greeted with those options in addition to trending beers, top rated brews, a global feed and trending locations.

A new map extends Untappd's new discovery focus even further by allowing you to explore new venues close to where you are or in another part of the world. Verified locations are displayed with yellow map markers while other places you can have a beer are labeled red. Those verified locations will offer a lot more information, like menus, events, hours and contact info. You can also opt for notifications for any verified watering hole so you can be alerted when they add new beers. You can do the same for individual beers and the app will let you know when a spot close by gets it in stock.

Alongside the bigger focus on discovery features, Untappd now lets you add more details to your individual check-ins. On top of rating, location and comments, you can pick a serving style, flavor profile and note where it was purchased. The added info could come in handy when you're looking to pick up more of that IPA you had last summer and you aren't sure if it came in a growler or 6-pack.

Last but not least, Untappd has expanded its Wish List feature. Before now, you could add beers that you wanted to try at some point to a single list. With this latest update, you can create as many as you want while choosing whether or not they are public or private. The change means you can have style-specific lists or a guide for beers to look for during your next vacation. Untappd version 3.0 is now available for free from both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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