Samsung's future Gear VR will come with a controller

Google's Daydream View won't go unanswered.

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Now that Google's Daydream View is giving Gear VR a run for its money, how is Samsung going to respond? By implementing one of Daydream's best features, of course. Both an FCC filing and an apparent scoop from Roland Quandt indicate that this year's Gear VR will include a one-handed controller -- no more reaching for a touchpad on the headset itself. That's a big deal for games and any other apps that involve more than rudimentary controls.

There's precious little else known, but Quandt understands that Samsung's new headset would (to no one's surprise) have a new cover to accommodate both the Galaxy S8 and its upsized S8 Plus counterpart. As for an unveiling? Samsung is believed to be unveiling the S8 on March 29th, so you'll likely get the full story before long.

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