The Simon Optix headset gave me a headache

But raver kids will enjoy this twist on the classic memory game.

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The classic game of Simon is a test of memory and reflexes. How long a sequence can you remember, and how fast can you repeat it? The new Optix headset turns it into a test of stamina as well: How long can you stand having flashing lights directly in front of your face?

The Optix might resemble an AR or VR headset, but it's nothing of the sort. Instead, the black headband shines bright colors into a transparent visor at specific points in your field of vision: green to your right side, red to your left side, and blue and yellow directly in front of your eyes.

You wave your hand in front of each color when prompted, and the motion sensors on the outside will track your success or failure at following the sequence. The visor even does a rainbow roll of color, requiring you to swipe your hand in same direction across the headset.

The combination of bright lights, sounds and weird hand movements is a lot like being trapped inside of a rave. And that's exactly what Hasbro hopes people will do: bring their Optix to the club and play along with others on the dance floor. The $25 headset communicates via line-of-sight infrared and can connect with up to 100 other units, and we'll find out this fall if it inspires people to create their own Simon flash mobs.

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