Stealth action game 'Serial Cleaner' starts after the murder

Making life hell for the (virtual) forensics team is rule number one.

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Curve Digital / iFun4all
Curve Digital / iFun4all

Many stealth action games have you creating bodies: you're a hitman, a thief or someone who otherwise needs to eliminate enemies in a hurry. But what if you were the person disposing of the bodies? That's the premise behind Serial Cleaner, a top-down sneaking title from Curve Digital and iFun4all. The highly stylized, '70s-themed game has you removing bodies and cleaning up bloodstains while you dodge investigating police. Think of it as dealing with the aftermath of a Hotline Miami level, with a dash of Viscera Cleanup Detail thrown in.

The developers are also promising some unpredictability. Bodies won't always be in the same place, and the real-world time of day will be reflected in the game itself -- you might want to play at night if you prefer the cover of darkness. Ideally, the title will also reward you whether you think well on your feet or meticulously plan your routes.

The game won't officially arrive until this summer, but it's likely to be available on your platform of choice: it's launching on Linux, Mac and Windows through Steam as well as the PS4 and Xbox One. And if you're not willing to wait, you can buy Serial Cleaner right now through Steam's Early Access program. It's hard to say if the gameplay will keep you around when the novelty wears off, but it's good to see a game in this genre that doesn't rehash familiar settings.

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