There are a dozen new ideas at GDC 2017's Indie Megabooth

Science fiction, goofy gameplay and teenage monsters.

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Sean Buckley
March 3, 2017 1:06 PM

Indie Megabooth has become something of a haven for gamers looking for fresh experiences and new ideas. It's become a staple event for indie games at shows like PAX, Gamescom and, of course GDC. This year's developer conference is no exception, featuring a dozen games that defy control conventions, make players question their identities and explore possible futures with fun sci-fi settings.

There's plenty of simple and fun experiences, like Super Slime Arena, the one-hit-KO multiplayer fighting game -- but a surprising number of the games in this year's booth have a futuristic vibe. Cosmic Express, for instance, is a puzzle game about building train routes that just happens to take place in an adorable, brightly colored space colony. Lightfield is a racing game akin to F-Zero, but one that lets you fly a spaceship-like racer over almost any surface on the course. There's also _Transfer, a game of mystery, memory and text-based storytelling with an insidious, post-apocalyptic backdrop.

Even the games that weren't necessarily science fiction related were a little spooky, including a horror thriller about a blind heroine exploring a haunted house and a surprisingly delightful, local multiplayer comedy dating sim about monsters who forgot to get a date to prom. It's a refreshing look at some of the industry's most creative projects. If you ever stumble across an Indie Megabooth showcase at a convention or tradeshow, make sure to stop and check it out.

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Jessica Conditt contributed to this report.

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