Microsoft's game chat transcribes your trash talk

Game Chat Transcription converts players’ speech to text and vice versa.

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Tom Regan
March 16th, 2017
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If you've ever thought your gaming put downs had a poetic beauty to them, then Microsoft's Game Chat Transcription might be the answer to your pwning prayers. From today, Halo Wars 2 players on both PC and Xbox One can test the new tool, allowing their in-game speech to be transcribed to a chat window in real-time.

If you'd rather not log your crude insults or incoherent mumbling for the world to see, you'll be glad to hear that the feature is entirely optional. Halo Wars 2 players can activate the option via the Ease of Access section of the Settings menu at any time.

While regular voice chat is commonplace on most consoles, Microsoft is the first major publisher to implement a real-time chat transcription service into its games. The company stated that it is aiming to implement the feature into more games in the future.

Fortunately, the software also works the other way round too, giving mic-shy RTS players the opportunity to turn their text into speech, even allowing them to select their preferred voice.

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