'Halo Wars 2' takes the series back to its roots next February

It's all strategy, all the time.

If Halo 5: Guardians disappointed you last year, maybe try Halo Wars 2 on for size on February 21st next year. It takes the shooter series back to its strategy roots, something that's been toyed with a bit before. New stuff like the Mantis mechs from Halo 4 and Halo 5 look to be controllable units, with a heavy emphasis on battling the ape-like Brute enemies. It continues the story of the original game's Spirit of Fire crew and has you battling those enemies on The Ark, a location from Halo 3.

And if you're unsure about the whole real-time strategy nature of the game (and/or missed Ensemble Studios' swan song back in 2009) there will be a beta to take for a spin this week for Xbox Live Gold members.

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