Get your internet off-contract with Comcast's prepaid Xfinity service

You can renew your service for anywhere from a week to a month at a time.


Following hot on the heels of Verizon's new prepaid FiOS plan, Comcast announced on Thursday that the company will offer a prepaid version of its own Xfinity internet.

The new plan, ingeniously named the Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service, will allow customers to sign up for internet service without a credit check or annual contract. Users will be able to renew the service in intervals ranging from a week (which will cost $15) up to a full month for $45. The initial $80 starter kit includes a gateway and 30 days of service. It's available from both the Comcast website and Boost Mobile stores -- currently it's only 800 Boost Mobile stores in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Texas though they'll be in all 4,000 of the company's retail locations by the end of the year. What's more, if you're also a Boost Mobile subscriber, you'll get a $5 discount when you purchase more time.