Verizon offers pre-paid FiOS service plans

No subscription needed.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Verizon announced on Monday that it is making its FiOS fiber-optic data, voice and television package available as a pre-paid service. That means you won't need to submit to a credit check, pay a deposit fee or even leave a credit card number to get access.

The new payment plan, dubbed FiOS Prepaid, does not require a subscription of any kind. Instead, customers will either pay with a debit card online at the end of every month or with cash using those kiosks that are in every Verizon Wireless store.

Fios service isn't available nationwide yet. It's only in select markets along the East Coast, specifically New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware as well as the DC Metro area and around Boston.

The pre-paid subscription will get you 25Mbps internet at $60 a month with an included Wi-Fi router. Users can add 155 TV channels for $40-50 a month, 200 channels (including 35 HD Spanish-language stations) for $40 or basic phone service for $10 a month. Or users can bundle these various services getting all three for $110-$120 per month, data and TV for $100-$110, or data and voice for $70. There's also a $90 installation fee, though you can do it yourself for free.