Yuneec adds livestreaming to its remote control drone app

Broadcast your sweet aerial panoramas by simply updating your Breeze Cam app.

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Yuneec diverted from its earlier higher-end drones to release a more affordable model last fall, the Breeze. For bundling a 4K camera and several flight modes into a $500 package, we guessed it would make it an ideal elaborate selfie machine. But now it's getting an update that lets users stream footage live on Facebook, YouTube and other services.

It's not the first drone system to get the capability, as DJI upgraded its Go app last May to give its Phantom and Inspire models livestreaming ability. Likewise, the Breeze's Cam App is getting an update that will let users broadcast in 720p on the big two livestreaming platforms along with any others compatible with Real-Time Messaging Protocol.

Consumer-facing drones livestreaming footage is certainly becoming a thing, and even Chinese internet giant Tencent promised to make one last October. But it won't just be live feeds from recreational events like Coachella -- users will probably broadcast protests and other big things that benefit from aerial angles. From Antonio Perkins' tragic homicide last summer to the recently-livestreamed sexual assault, some criminal cases are being decided due to audiences unexpectedly bearing witness to awful events. It's probably a matter of time before live drone footage plays crucial part in documenting and instantly sharing momentous events.

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