Facebook adds a login shortcut to other Android apps

The social network also wants to be your account recovery system.


The great part about being tech obsessed is getting the latest and greatest devices. The less great part is having to log into all the services you use when you get new hardware. Today at its F8 conference, Facebook announced that it's giving developers of third-party Android apps the ability to recognize if you've already linked a service with the social network.

Soon when you download or reinstall something like Pinterest, you won't have to wonder what your password is if you've already installed Facebook. The supported app will prompt you to log in via the social network.

The social network is also giving third-party developers the opportunity to use Facebook as an account recovery solution for when you forget your password. Considering how often the social network's accounts are phished, you might be better off continuing to use your email. Also, Facebook's history of bumping people off the network because they're using aliases doesn't make it the ideal place for anyone using a pseudonym on any platform.

But if you're super good about not sharing your login with nefarious individuals and you're using your legal name, this might appeal to you. But again, an email account is still your best option.

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