Legendary radio duo Stretch & Bobbito return as NPR podcasters

Their 90s hip-hop show on WKCR featured some of the era's biggest stars.

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Getty Images for BFI
Getty Images for BFI

Throughout the 90s, a late night stop in the WKRC studios with Stretch and Bobbito was a requirement for many up-and-coming rappers. Now, in 2017 the pair are returning, but because it's 2017 they're doing it with a podcast on NPR. The rise and fade of their show, which featured names like Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Nas and many others, is documented in the 2015 film Radio That Changed Lives (now streaming on Netflix).

They returned for a short run on Samsung's 837 last year, which should serve as a preview for their new show this summer. According to the preview trailer, it will cover "art, music, politics and sports...and everything in between," but until it drops, you can listen to archived episodes of the old show on Mixcloud. While some podcasts are making the jump to other forms of media, with the surging popularity and ease of the format it will be interesting to see how many big names go in the other direction.

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