YouTube Kids brings cartoons and bright colors to your smart TV

Watch kid-friendly video from the comfort of your big screen.

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YouTube Kids' mobile app is fine if your young ones are content to watch videos on a tablet, but what if you just want to plunk them down on the couch to watch on the big screen? You can after today. YouTube is trotting out a version of the Kids app for many LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs (more details below) in all 26 countries where the child-ready viewer is available. The interface isn't exactly a radical departure, but that's the point, isn't it? Ideally, this lets little tykes watch videos with minimal help from their parents.

How easy it is to load the app depends on your manufacturer. LG is making YouTube Kids available on all 2015 and newer webOS TVs through its content store, and you can check it out on a 2013 or newer Samsung sets as long as you have access to Samsung's app store. Things get trickier on Sony TVs, though: it's only compatible with 2016 and newer models after a firmware update, and the Android TV version is "coming soon." While YouTube is covering a broad range of hardware, you can't quite assume that your TV is good to go.

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