Uber's drop-off feature saves you time, money when carpooling

But only if you’re in San Francisco or New York City.

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Uber has been tweaking its carpooling feature for a while now, with features that improve your experience when riding with strangers. The company will give you $2 off your next uberPOOL ride if you don't make it to your location on time, and added real-time ride notifications to its carpool service this past December. Today, the company has announced it will pilot suggested drop-off points to make sure you get to your destination as soon as possible, even if you have to walk a ways to get there. The new feature will roll out in San Francisco and Los Angeles today.

Now, the Uber app will keep an eye on your route in real time to determine if there's a better drop-off spot to help you get to where you're going faster. You'll get a notification on your phone to let you know about the spot, and you'll be able to opt-in with a tap. It's sure to save you and the rest of the riders some headaches when streets are blocked off or there's heavy traffic near someone's final destination.

The program builds on a similar feature that Uber tested out in New York, where the company says that its saved riders an average of $14 over a regular UberX ride. While the new drop-off feature is only available int he three big cities so far, it could indeed roll out to the rest of us if it proves as big a success for Uber and its customers.

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