UberPOOL will give you $2 if it makes you late

The new 'Arrive by' feature shows you the latest time it can get you there.

Uber has an interesting offer for its carpool customers. It has launched a new feature called "Arrive By," which tells you the absolute latest time UberPOOL can take you to your destination. If you get there beyond the time it promised, you'll get $2 off your next UberPOOL trip, assuming you don't arrive so late you decide to swear off the service. You'll have to update your Uber app, select UberPOOL and type in your pick-up and drop-off locations to start seeing the estimates. The feature is only available in LA at the moment, but the company says it could be rolled out in additional markets.

Uber first launched its carpooling service that makes you share rides with other passengers taking the same route in 2014. It promises cheaper fares since you're splitting them with somebody else. The ride-sharing giant says UberPOOL has been doing well, thus far, and has been used over a million times in London.