Google makes it easier to read offline in Chrome on Android

A long press will download and save anything you want to check out later.

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While apps like Pocket and Instapaper can help you read web pages on the go without a network connection, Google's Chrome browser added the ability right into its Android app last December. Today, the company has tweaked the feature to make it a bit easier to download pages for offline viewing.

You can do a long press on any link in Chrome to find a new option to "Download link." You'll even get this option when you tap and hold on any article suggestion on a new tab page. Further, when you get Chrome's dinosaur image for any offline page, you'll see a "Download Page Later" button that will automatically grab the page for you when you're back online. Any articles you've downloaded will show up in your recent downloads list with a new offline badge -- just open a new tab to see it.

Now, whether you are actually offline or just want to save web pages for when you are, Chrome has your back. You'll need the latest version of Chrome (58) for Android to do it, though.

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