Airbnb tries its hand at tour-guiding

A tweaked 'For You' section will suggest cool activities you need to book in advance.

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Airbnb has always wanted to be more than just the app you use to rent someone's spare bedroom for a night on the other side of the world. That's why the company is beefing up its Trips feature to help you get the most out of your excursions. Specifically, Airbnb is changing the way its For You tab works in order to ensure that you know what's going to be hot when you land.

Historically, For You just recommended things for you to do based on your current location, showing you what was good. Now, the service will highlight activities that you should plan in advance of arriving, like a super-cool bus tour that's sold out months ahead of time. In addition, you'll be able to try out curated experiences that are based around a theme.

The new features are rolling out today, although only for English-language users in a handful of cities, including Cape Town, Florence, LA, Miami, Paris and Tokyo. In addition, those going to Barcelona or SF can find whole trips suggested for you, based on your particular interests. So, for instance, if you're a foodie, you'll be shown a potential schedule that'll let you get through as many well-rated eateries as possible.

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