Airbnb wants to book your whole trip

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Airbnb wants to book your whole trip

Outside of a limited concierge service, Airbnb hasn't done much beyond getting you a room -- you're on your own if you want a tour. That might change very soon, however. Airbnb is testing Journeys, a travel agent-like service that covers the whole experience. The fixed-price option covers basics like accommodation, meals and transportation, but also provides a hand-picked host who'll show you around town. You could visit locals' favorite eateries, attend parties or even go skydiving. About the only thing you'd have to worry about is getting to the city in the first place.

The experiment is only available for a handful of invited customers planning to stay in San Francisco. There's no guarantee that Journeys will be widely available, if it lasts at all. With that said, it wouldn't be shocking if the service kicks into high gear. Airbnb's accommodation-only strategy has been successful so far, but it leaves a lot of money on the table -- Journeys gives it a cut from your entire trip. And if you're worried that you'll feel lost when visiting an unfamiliar city, this all-in package may set your mind at ease.

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